469 CLT 1962 AEC Routemaster
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469 CLT 1962 AEC Routemaster

469 CLT 1962 AEC Routemaster

469 CLT 1962 AEC Routemaster / Park Royal H32/25RD Fleet Number RMC1469 Original operator: London Transport. The coach version of the Routemaster was developed for the Green Line express network of routes across London Transport’s Country Area.

RMC1469 entered service from Hertford depot in August 1962 and in May 1964 received various body modifications as a test bed for the forthcoming RCL class.

At overhaul in 1967 it regained a standard body. 1970 saw the bus transferred to London Country where it was eventually downgraded to bus work, receiving standard NBC leaf green and white livery and operating from a variety of depots. Reverting to London Transport ownership in September 1980, RMC1469 was repainted red and used as a training bus until 1987 when it was modified to become a mobile recruiting and training office.

In November 1994 it passed to London United who continued to use it for training and recruitment until withdrawal in October 1995. By 1998 the vehicle was in preservation, repainted into the original RMC class Green Line livery. In 2007 it saw service on the Island during the Isle of Wight Festival and shortly afterwards was acquired by the current owners, and has since been repainted and fitted with a rebuilt AEC engine and overhauled “B” frame.

It is on loan to the museum for the summer and is seen next to our similar aged Bristol LD, The comparison between the two is interesting with the advanced styling and engineering of the Routemaster compared to that of the Bristol.

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